Taking Moments For Granted

April 21, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Photography is always something I've been interested in, and throughout my life it's come in fits and starts. After high school, my father gave me a Pentax 35mm film camera as a graduation gift. I captured quite a few memories with that one, and almost fondly remember turning the little crank with my fingertips to advance the film roll one frame at a time! I remember less fondly the 48 hour wait to develop the roll, only to see that half or more of my shots hadn't turned out as I'd hoped. I had no darkroom...no cutting room...no color lab...and no money! And photography fell into the background. 

After college, I dipped my toes back into the world of photography again, this time with one of the first digital SLR cameras on the market -- the first generation Canon Digital Rebel, with SIX MEGAPIXELS of raw potential! I learned far more this way, given the immediate feedback and unlimited opportunities to practice without having to waste film anymore. I learned about controlling exposure, composing an image, and getting a shot. But I didn't get too many, since I still didn't have a lot of money! The gear was large and fairly heavy, and I often left it at home more than I carried it out with me. 

Once my kids were born, carrying anything larger than my cell phone with me became impractical. Photography took a back seat to practicality as the new era of smartphones came of age, with cameras that went from pathetic, to usable, to actually quite good. I captured a lot of moments with those smartphone cameras! The good: always with you, always on, instantly shareable around the world. The bad: often blurry, never well composed, not especially memorable. 

Several years ago I discovered the world of Micro 4/3 cameras -- a segment designed around physically small cameras that are easy to carry, but still pack the punch found in much larger systems. The world changed forever once I had those in my hands. Now I no longer have to choose between practicality and quality. I have both. 

Cameras let us capture moments that would otherwise fly right by. Our best moments are stored in our memories, but they become distorted and distant over time -- photographs last forever. They can be printed on paper, metal or canvas. They can turn otherwise fleeting moments into permanent works of art to be enjoyed by generations to come. 

I love photography for a variety of reasons. As someone who's been very "left-brained" for my entire life, it gives me an outlet for developing my creativity. As someone who's spent a career working in the field of computer image processing, it's fascinating. It's also fun and a great way to pass time. But it's also much more. As I grow older and watch my kids spring up around me, I realize more and more how precious the moments in our lives really are, and how quickly they disappear from us. Photography is a way to fight against that, to catch those moments and make them last. We can create monuments of our lives and bring the past into the present. That is what I most love about it. Catching those moments before they pass through our hands, like sand on the beach. 

In launching this business, I aim to bring my passion for preserving memories into your life too. That's the most exciting part about it!

Together, we'll make moments last forever. 



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